Think about technology enabling enterprises to read, understand, and interact with billions of customer messages and providing individual responses
Think about technology enabling enterprises to read, understand, and interact with billions of customer messages and providing individual responses
  • Hordon Kim, International Editor
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USA - Gamalon ( announced the first artificial intelligence system that can process natural language and then explain what ideas are present and how they are organized. Using Gamalon’s Idea Learning® technology, one person or a small group can understand what millions of people or customers are saying, and provide individualized responses and experiences.

Existing “black box” machine learning approaches to natural language are able to summarize by extracting statistically significant text or to categorize by following human-categorized examples, but these systems have not been able to structure, organize, and assemble compositions of ideas and sentiments from text, and then communicate this learned structure of ideas to people.

“Gamalon’s mission is to accelerate human understanding by combining human and machine learning. It’s easy enough for a business analyst to get started providing return on investment right away. When Gamalon’s Idea Learning technology reads large amounts of text, and forms ideas, the AI becomes an extension of you -- allowing you to read and respond to huge volumes of messages,” said Ben Vigoda, Gamalon’s Founder and CEO. “In the hands of a data scientist Gamalon can also be a sophisticated machine learning tool to perform data prep on many different sources of unstructured enterprise natural language - you can set it up to populate a target table or schema from the text.”

This technology breakthrough has driven further investment. Gamalon raised a $20 million Series A funding with lead investor Intel Capital joined by .406 Ventures and Omidyar Technology Ventures. Existing investors Boston Seed Capital, Felicis Ventures and Rivas Capital also participated in the round. Other Gamalon investors include Andy Bechtolsheim, Steve Blank, Ivan Chong, Adam D’Angelo, Georges Harik, and Raymie Stata.

“The powerful advances we’re seeing in machine learning are being enabled by diversification of compute infrastructures and fueled by the fast-growing volumes of complex, free-form text,” said Naveen Rao, corporate vice president and general manager of the Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel Corporation. “We want enterprises of all levels of AI capability to take full advantage of this growing volume and complexity of data. We think Gamalon’s approach can help users better understand billions of customer communications, customize individual responses, and take action to better serve those customers.”

Gamalon is already used by Fortune 500 enterprises across automotive, finance, insurance, manufacturing and telecommunications to turn millions of free-form customer messages and communication, including survey, phone transcripts, and trouble tickets, into actionable data to improve customer experience and retention. Larry Locascio, Senior Manager of Global Client Services at Avaya, has deployed the Gamalon system to audit and analyze their reseller partners. “We had previously tried manual approaches that didn’t work very well and took a lot of time to complete. Gamalon’s approach gave us accurate data overnight. We’re now able to scale our audit process from 40 or 50 resellers once per year to 30 to 40 per quarter.”

406 Ventures and Omidyar Technology Ventures were also excited to participate in the Series A. “Gamalon has built a platform based on fundamental breakthroughs in machine learning. Its system learns orders of magnitude faster than the state of the art approaches, is auditable and is easily extendable to specific domains. Gamalon takes advancements in the space to another level,” said Todor Tashev, Managing Partner at Omidyar Technology Ventures. Graham Brooks, Partner at .406 Ventures added, “Their revolutionary technology is reflected in their customer base. We were blown away by the caliber of company that has turned to Gamalon to power critical customer-facing systems and are excited to be partnering with them to drive rapid enterprise expansion.”

The infusion of capital brings the total investment in Gamalon to more than $32 million including the largest single investment by the US Government in next generation machine learning over the past five years. The funding will allow Gamalon to continue to invest in R&D and to expand sales and marketing efforts to the enterprise. Vigoda added, “The Gamalon system will enable enterprises to improve customer experience and retention, and drive revenue by allowing enterprises to truly understand what their customers are saying and to take strategic

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